Breakfast in bed // Stylinson

Harry still felt bad about last night. No matter what Louis said, he was going to feel bad. He got up early that morning and went into the new kitchen, cooking breakfast for him, and feeding the twins. “Dadddy!” Harry smiled wide as Delilah cooed his name. “Shh, darling. Dada’s still sleeping.” He kissed her head and gave her a little plate of broken up bacon and a sippie cup, doing the same for Jay. “Daddy, whas this??” Jay asked, causing Harry to smile wider. “It’s good. Nom nom, sweetie, eat up. Daddy’ll be right back.” He said, kissing their heads again and taking Louis his tray of food. 

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    Louis chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere. Don’t worry,” he said said softly, “Plus, we should probably get all the sleep...
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    Harry let out a sigh and nodded. “A team. Forever and always.” He told the boy, pressing a kiss to his lips before...